I came to Living Acupuncture at the suggestion of my Massage Therapist, in concert with her treatment, to see if they could help me with a chronic, nagging pain in my side and back. I suffer with sciatic pain that seems to radiate up my left side and back. As with most people, I also have lots of stress in my life which can affect your health in many ways. I have been treating with both Taryn and Rein for a few months now; and I really feel that it has helped considerably. Not only with the chronic pain, but I feel so much more relaxed from this treatment. I had no idea it could help in so many areas of your life. My husband has also started going for treatment of shoulder pain, and as an aid to help him quit smoking naturally. It’s working and we are both now big fans of acupuncture treatment. Mary Ellen Brown

Taryn is a skilled acupuncturist and a gifted teacher and healer. Since beginning my treatments, I have less pain, improved digestive function, increased energy and a general sense of well being. Thank you Taryn, I am so grateful for your healing hands and wealth of knowledge. I. Norton

I came in with back pain and left feeling wonderful as if I was floating on a cloud. Kristen A

I recommend Living Acupuncture with every superlative known. I have received treatments that were well planned, executed and extremely beneficial medically. I am a passionate advocate of this medical service which will alleviate your pain and center your being. If you would like to take less pain pills and live your life to the fullest, try Acupuncture as practiced at Living Acupuncture. R. Lawrence

I first came to Living Acupuncture seeking an alternative to surgery or long term anti-inflammatory medications for carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic tendonitis. While I have experienced a great deal of relief, I have received additional benefits far beyond my original expectations.
To begin with, Taryn and the rest of the staff took the time to fully explain the principles behind acupuncture so that I understood how my issues would be addressed and what to expect. I was encouraged to ask questions and express concerns. This helped me to feel comfortable with the process which can seem quite intimidating at first. Everyone has been friendly, kind and encouraging.
As my needs change, my priorities and immediate concerns are always considered. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, treatment sessions are individualized and my input is valued. Beyond acupuncture, I have received recommendations for dietary strategies, and nutritional supplements that have been beneficial for my overall health. An unexpected effect has been in the area of stress management. The comfortable setting and the relaxation benefits from acupuncture have helped me to deal with the stressful aspects of life that can negatively impact health.
As opposed to medical approaches that are focused on treating symptoms, acupuncture addresses the underlying causes of a condition. This enables the body to heal itself as it was meant to do. I value this approach as a natural way of healing and I am grateful to Living Acupuncture for providing a place in which to receive this form of healing. Taryn and the entire staff at Living Acupuncture have my highest recommendation. Jamey S.

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